New York City Hospital Contains Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms

Saudi Arabia has been hit with its own Ebola case, but the US now has another case of what could be the Ebola virus.

A man arrived at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital with Ebola-like symptoms such as a high fever and stomach issues, and was isolated within seven minutes of his arrival at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. The patient was hospitalized yesterday morning upon his arrival.

Currently, Mount Sinai has sent blood samples to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to verify whether or not the man indeed has the deadly Ebola virus.

Upon further inspection of the individual, it seems as though he does not have the Ebola virus – but the hospital says that it wants to be sure. “All necessary steps are being taken to ensure the safety of all patients, visitors, and staff.” A city health department official said that “After consultation with CDC and Mount Sinai, the Health Department has concluded that the patient is unlikely to have Ebola. Specimens are being tested for common causes of illness and to definitely exclude Ebola.”

Another traveler to the US from West Africa was tested last week at Bellevue Hospital Center for the Ebola virus and was immediately contained upon entrance. The individual recovered quickly, leading the doctors to believe what the CDC test later confirmed. The individual did not have the Ebola virus, despite a high fever and headache.

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and the fact that some individuals have now taken it to other countries shows the need for millions of dollars to be poured into research to find a way to stop the Ebola virus outbreak. The World Health Organization’s said that it intends to pump $100 million into West Africa to stop the outbreak. So far, 60 doctors have died in their efforts to test and contain patients, and clinics have started turning down victims who exhibit symptoms consistent with the deadly disease. The toll count is now at 900 and rising.