Nick Jonas unveils ‘Jealous’ music video, girlfriend Olivia Culpo makes cameo

Nick Jonas is back with his latest music video in support of his new single ‘Jealous’.

The music video dropped Tuesday evening to a surprised reaction. Not only because the visual was released on the same day as the singer’s 22nd birthday, but also because his stunning girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, makes several guest appearances throughout.

‘Jealous’ is the second single that’s lifted off of Nick’s forthcoming debut album, and judging by the reaction that fans are giving to the video and the song, we’d say he has a good chance of breaking out of his brothers’ shadows and making it as a solo artist.

The video has a rather simple plot to it while most of the scenes are filmed behind a green screen and camera effects — nevertheless, entertaining and appealing to the eye.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “And seriously though, @oliviaculpo looks stunning in that video, and I haven’t really paid attention to her until now. #Jealous,” as another excited fan had a similar tweet to share to their followers: “AAAAAAAHHHH OMG NICK JONAS’ NEW VIDEO IS SO GOOD TBH #JEALOUS”

Nick seems to be turning into the Justin Timberlake of N’Sync. Remember how most of the boys in that group tried to give their solo careers a shot and only Justin managed to succeed in it in the long run? Yup, that seems to be Nick.

The birthday boy will be glad to hear that not only is he receiving a positive reaction from fans on social media, radio plays have increased in the last seven days since the premiere of the song a few weeks back. Usually this means that the track will stand a good chance of making it into Billboard top 20, which isn’t bad considering this is only the singer’s second single.

Explaining the song in a recent interview and how he would describe the message it, Nick recently shared to E News that he’s had a lot of incidents were men have tried to make a move on his girlfriend — the disrespect and the feeling it can make the other man feel is relatable to every man that’s ever been in a relationship.