Nissan recalls 260,000 globally due to defective air bag

Nissan has expanded the recall that has already impacted so many, and could threaten the lives of so many, thanks to a defective air bag that was produced by the air bag manufacturer Takaka. The recall of 260,000 more vehicles just adds to the list, and adds to the escalating problems that Nissan is facing on this front.

The problem began with Takata, who is a Japanese parts supplier, being linked to at least two deaths in the United States. That immediately prompted the issue being escalated, but also creating a unique problem for Nissan. Recalls have impacted 12 million cars globally, and an individual close to the matter said that federal prosecutors were investigating Takata over the issues.


Japan is actually the largest market effected by the latest round of shortcomings. In fact, 104,905 of the vehicles involved were from Japan. And the nature of the recall is pretty violent, too. The air bag inflator could rupture, at any given time, throwing, and launching foreign objects into the air, and into the faces of the owners and operators of the vehicle. The small fragments would turn into shrapnel and would create a deadly situation for owners.

A representative of the company said that there were no injuries associated with the latest round of recalls, and that the recalls are inclusive of Nissan Cubes made from 2008-2012, in Japan to Nissan March cars from 2010-2012.
This is just the latest issue, in the long line of challenges that Nissan, and all car makers have faced in the last few years as parts, have failed, and taken human lives as a result. General Motors has found itself in the news for nearly a year now, as the company has recalled nearly 30 million cars. This though, in combination with the other issues that have been appearing in the market is something that is both unexpected and undesired when customers are paying tens of thousands of dollars for these vehicles, which are eventually found to be inadequate.

Thankfully though, this time around at least – no injuries or deaths – is the report that people are concerned about. The timeframe of the recall being fixed is still unknown, but given the severity of the issue, and the fact that it has caused injuries and even death before – it will be handled quickly and taken care of efficiently.