Nokia HERE Maps returns to iOS

Nokia HERE Maps is back on iOS. While a lot has changed in the smartphone and Nokia landscape over the course of the last 15-months, the company has maintained a laser-sharp focus with regards to their HERE Maps application. Nokia might not be selling smartphones anymore, after a blockbuster sale in 2014 that gave up the smartphone business to Microsoft – but that hasn’t diminished the company’s standing in the mobile market at all. In fact, it has seemed to make it stronger over the course of the last several months.

When Nokia first pulled HERE Maps from iOS devices, they noted that things did go “horribly wrong,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company was going to give up forever. After incredibly successful launches on Windows and Android – Nokia felt that it was time to launch on iOS again and return to the mobile operating system that is amongst the most popular in the entire world.


The updated version for iOS runs exactly like the Android version and is very similar to mapping staples like what Google and Apple offer. 190 countries are offered within the mapping system, which is a major point of successful for Nokia on this front. Perhaps though the biggest improvement that Nokia delivers – that others simply cannot – is the inclusion of offline maps. That’s something that while others have attempted in the past – isn’t something that has been very successful.

Nokia delivers an equally powerful experience offline, as they do online – for the regions that they do offer an offline version of the map. The features of the mapping program as a whole – like navigation and other aspects – all give the user an easy, and friendly experience that delivers on every front. The app even goes into a good amount of detail for discovering content and places around where you are – if you’re using the location feature on the HERE Maps app. Users can even download entire maps – and while they take up a ton of space – it is a great opportunity for those who are looking to get that truly offline experience. The U.S. map takes up 4.4GB of storage – that will be a turnoff for some – but then again – not that many users are using an offline map.

This just highlights one of the many areas at which Nokia has really improved the overall function of HERE Maps, and shows how much Nokia wanted to prove that they could be a viable force in the tech industry – even after leaving the smartphone business.