Novartis’s heart failure treatment drug Entresto gets approval from FDA

Entresto, the new heart failure drug from the house of Novartis, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Cardiologists believe that this drug has the ability to improve lives of millions of people who have suffered heart failure.

To test Entresto’s efficacy, scientists conducted a clinical trial of the drug on over 8,000 adults. The trial showed that the new creation of Novartis can make the rate of hospitalization and death from cardiovascular disorders much less compared to what the generic therapy using enalapril did.

Dr. Clyde Yancy, the chief of the cardiology department at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, said that the discovery Entresto marks one of the very few times when scientists have come across a medicinal drug that offers better results than the standard medications. According to Yancy, this new drug is much superior to the ones in use right now.

Here, it must be mentioned that Dr. Yancy, who is a heart-failure specialist by profession, is not related to the drug maker by any means. According to his estimates, out of the six million US residents with heart failure, at least 3 million might be candidates for this new drug. He has even predicted that use of this drug might change the lives of those patients for the better.

For those who don’t know: a person is said to suffer a heart failure when his or her heart loses some of its pumping ability. Heart failure might lead to a situation where the patient might experience difficulty when breathing. Often, these patients need to be taken to the emergency room.

Dr. Yancy informed that Entresto will particularly be useful for treating comfortable patients who will be able to tolerate complete dosages of the drug.

As the majority of the treatments available for heart failure at this moment are low-cost generics, the test for this new treatment can be expected economic in nature, at least partially.

Experts are saying that Entresto might turn out to be a real blockbuster. According to predictions made by Leerink Partners, by 2024, the annual global sales of this drug will touch the dream figure of $6 billion or even beyond that. If this turns out to be true the Swiss pharmaceutical company, Novartis will be able to withstand the imminent competition for Gleevec, a cancer drug manufactured and marketed by the company.