Obama first to view the 6th season of Game of Thrones

President Barack Obama became the first person to watch the much anticipated sixth season, “Game of Thrones” and this has been revealed by none other than the creators of the series. Well, who can say No to the Commander in Chief of the most powerful country in the world? For the common mortals, the show returns on April 24, 2016.

This year HBO is not releasing any rushes or advance episodes for critics to review ahead of season six. Last year just before the release of the fifth season, the first four episodes were leaked online. The “Game of Thrones” happens to be the most pirated shows every year.  To preempt the illegal downloads; HBO had premiered the last season in 170 countries simultaneously.

Season 6 for the “Game of Thrones” was formally commissioned by HBO on 8 April 2014. The Third and Fourth seasons saw a substantial surge in audience figures and for the first time, HBO had commissioned the fifth and the sixth season simultaneously.

Filming for the sixth season began in late July 2015 and was finished on December 17. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss returned as show runners for both seasons five and six, after signing a 2-year contract with HBO in early 2014.

Based on the unreleased sixth novel,  A Song of Ice and Fire book series, the sixth season also encompasses a significant amount of material from the fourth and fifth books, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons.

Till now most of the events has been based in some way of the other with George RR Martin’s novels. However with season five, finally the producers have started to introduce plot developments from beyond the five published novels.

Viewers in the US will get a chance to view the mega serials when the sixth season hits HBO on Sunday, April 24.  Fans in the UK will have to wait for one more day when the serial will be premiered on Sky Atlantic on Monday, April 25.