Obese patients not able to sustain weight loss after current nonsurgical obesity

Findings of a new study have revealed that just one in every 210 obese men has the chance of reaching a healthy body weight. The news, however, is a bit more optimistic for obese women; the study showed that one in every 124 obese women has chances of attaining her ideal body weight.

Experts carrying out the above-mentioned study were representatives of the King’s College London. They said that exercise and diet strategies alone are not sufficient for combating obesity effectively. They also believe that the existing weight loss programs in the United Kingdom are failing to help the huge population of obese patients in the country.

During the study, the researchers looked at the electronic health records of as many as 279,000 people. They found that chances of reaching a healthy body weight are even lower for individuals tagged as severely obese.

According to the numbers put up by the researchers, only one in every 1,290 severely obese men has the chance of reaching his normal body weight. In case of severely obese women, one in every 677 has the chance of reaching a healthy body weight.

While a large share of the patients managed to lose 5% of their overall body weight, the majority of them regained the lost weight in just a few years.

The study concluded that one out of 12 obese men has the chance of losing 5% of his body weight every year. In case of obese women, the share is one in every 10. However, what’s very disconcerting is that 53% of the individuals succeeding in losing 5% of their body weight regained it within just a year. After five years, the researchers found that just 22% had managed to maintain the weight loss.


The study was published recently in the American Journal of Public Health. It involves analyses of health records obtained from UK patients between the years 2004 and 2014.

Dr. Alison Fildes of King’s College London said that when adults become obese, it becomes extremely unlikely that they would attain a healthy body weight. She added that there’s urgent need of new and effective approaches for dealing with this serious health issue. According to her, obesity treatments must focus on stopping obese and overweight individuals from gaining more weight and also assist people managing to lose some weight in keeping the lost weight off.