It’s Official Now: Men are dumb, proves new study

Now, something other than gossip supports the old children’s joke that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. This common illustration of the innate dissimilarity between the sexes is crystalized in a recent study by the British Medical Journal. The study examines the sex differences in mortality rates and admission to hospital emergency rooms.

Researchers, Daniel Lendrem, and his father, at the Institute of Cellular Medicine from Newcastle, UK, observe the winners of the Darwin Awards. The awards are offered to individuals who have been heavily injured or killed by idiotic, noxious risks “where the gain was very low, but the consequences were negative and final,” notes the study.


This is not to be confused with injuries and hospitalizations in genuine sports or adrenaline pumping activities, but in dangerous activities with low regulation, that can be adverted by risk assessment. As a result, the study shows that 88.7% of the winners were male, meaning that venturesome men are more prone to carry out dumb ideas and have less risk management skills than their more careful counterparts.

For someone to receive the honor of a Darwin Award, he has to have an idiotic, fatal accident caused by his own volition. His action, according to the Darwin Awards Committee, “has to ensure the long-term survival of the species, by selectively allowing one less idiot to survive.” For instance, if someone willingly does something to himself that is 99% sure to bring harm, death, or is more extreme than an episode of “Jackass”, then he can be eligible for a Darwin Award.

Award recipients include a thief who attempted to steal a hawser from a lift shaft, but unbolted the hawser while standing in the lift, subsequently falling to his death; and a terrorist who sent a letter bomb without enough postage stamps. When the terrorist received the letter back with a “return to sender note,” he proceeded to open the letter, triggering his bomb.

This frightening reality leads to the question why? According to the study, socioeconomic and cultural reasons are null when an individual commits harm to himself in such a manner, as no one circumstance or group can excuse the actions of an irresponsible person. However, substances, such as alcohol, play a role in many of the actions that eventually lead to the awards. It is common knowledge that chronic alcohol abuse, and even minor alcohol use can lead to regrettable interactions and idiotic behavior. Alcohol slows down motor functions and often gives humans the courage to carry out dangerous acts that they would normally not do. This may help explain the ego driven and daredevil actions of some of the men who commit themselves to these actions.