Ohio Governor Warns of Water Contamination

The Collins Water Treatment Plant located in Toledo, Ohio has placed the city and its 600,000 residents under a state of emergency due to chemical tests confirming the presence of a toxin in the city’s water and thus, water contamination.

Some chemists, conducting chemical tests near Collins Water Treatment Plant found the presence of microcystin, a toxin known to cause liver and kidney damage, in the water. The water contamination find was then reported to the authorities.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has declared a state of emergency for citizens of both Lucas and Wood counties within the state, with a Toledo City alert telling citizens to avoid spreading the effects of the water contamination to themselves, their loved ones, friends, and even pets. “Most importantly, water should not be consumed until an all clear is issued. It is important to state that this drinking water alert does NOT recommend boiling, and in fact, boiling water can worsen the situation. Water should not be given to pets.”

As of 1PM, there’d been no issues of sickness due to water contamination, but state officials are testing the water and hope to have more details on the water contamination tonight around 7:30PM. As of this morning, bottled water was brought to both Lucas and Wood counties to give residents, but there’s been no permanent water shutdown despite the water contamination declaration.

Sources say that an algae bloom in Lake Erie, a large nearby body of water, could likey be the reason behind the microcystin toxin water contamination problem. Microcystin can be created through algae buildup, although algae buildup can produce other toxins as well. Algae buildup occurs in the presence of broken septic systems or fertilizer is unabsorbed into the ground. The EPA says that the current water contamination problem is more likely to kill pets than humans (hence the warning against giving the toxic water to pets), but liver and kidney damage risk is enough to make this a lethal threat to human life as well.