One diet cannot be good for everyone, study confirms

Findings of a new study are suggesting that a healthy food for one individual might make another gain weight. The facts presented by the study have made it clear that a one-size-fits-all approach is fundamentally erroneous when it comes to dieting.

For example, one woman taking part in the study kept on experiencing a spike in her blood sugar levels after consuming tomatoes, which are otherwise known for being a nutritious, low-fat food.

During the study, researchers analyzed information on 800 individuals in Israel. According to Eran Segal, a researcher representing Israel’s Institute of Science, the most surprising and striking findings for the team was the vast variability observed in the way people respond to similar meals.


Each participant had to wear a blood-sugar monitor that measured their blood sugar levels after every 5 minutes. This continued for a week. Additionally, the researchers gathered stool samples for analyzing the gut microbiome of the participants. A log of foods consumed by the participants was also maintained carefully.

There was not a single diabetic among the participants, but some of them had a condition called pre-diabetes and were obese. Researchers were surprised to see the huge difference in the participants’ metabolic responses to identical meals.

For example, during the course of the study it was found that some of the participants experienced a greater increase in their blood sugar levels after having sushi that they did after having ice cream. What was even more staggering was that the researchers found that a middle-aged woman’s blood sugar levels rose significantly after consuming tomatoes, which are otherwise known for being extremely nutritious and having low-fat content.

Segal said that responses to food tend to vary significantly from one individual to another. According to the researcher, there are instances when some individuals experience exactly the opposite reaction after consuming a particular food item to others.

High blood sugar is extremely harmful and makes us more susceptible towards a host of health problems such as obesity, cardiac disorders, and, of course, diabetes.

A healthy diet can help us in lowering our blood sugar levels. An individual with high blood sugar levels should consume complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and brown rice, fruits and vegetables and stay away from refined sugar and food items made using white flour. However, it has to be kept in mind that such recommendations will not work for everyone. To put it more bluntly, for gaining benefits from the diet, one must adopt a more personalized approach when picking foods.