Our guide to the US second most famous gambling destination – The Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the second most famous gambling destination in the United States. This place boasts luxurious casinos, a famous boardwalk, free beaches as well as exceptional restaurant and bars. Moreover, their virtual casinos promise fantastic no deposit casino bonuses and a huge array of modern games.


Atlantic City, New Jersey is unarguably one of the most interesting casino destinations. It has been like that for years and this American city has gained an excellent reputation among casino players and other tourists. When it comes to the United States and its gambling industry, the city of Las Vegas remains on top. Gambling became legal in Atlantic City in 1976 and the very first casino started working in 1978. Currently, this city has about 10 casino complexes, but that number might become smaller, due to the strong competition and different issues. Nowadays, Atlantic City has to compete with many other cities and invest large amounts of money in this industry. In our opinion, Atlantic City will face many challenges, but its gambling industry should remain strong, although the competition will be even tougher. Those who have been to Atlantic City know there’s no place like that on Earth.

Las Vegas vs. Atlantic City

So, which one of these cities is a better gambling destination? To some people, this is a never-ending debate. However, most agree that Las Vegas has much more to offer. Firstly, Las Vegas has a whopping 104 casinos and over 40 of them are located in the Las Vegas strip. Both of these places largely depend on tourism and their gambling facilities but that’s even more noticeable in Atlantic City. Also, when it comes to the population of these two cities, Las Vegas is the winner. There are approximately 40,000 inhabitants in Atlantic City. On the other hand, more than 630,000 people consider Las Vegas their home. Both of them boast luxurious casinos and hotels, a wide range of restaurants and bars as well as modern shopping malls. Las Vegas has more of them, but there is one thing you’ll only find in Atlantic City: beaches. You can take a walk on the famous promenade, enjoy the beautiful coast and later swim in the ocean. ¬†

Virtual Casinos

Virtual Casinos can operate legally in Atlantic City, but there are strict rules and regulations. These gambling sites are well-known for its lucrative promotions and bonuses and that’s why they have thousands of loyal players. The virtual gambling industry has surpassed 100 Million US dollars in tax revenue. This business has been growing rapidly and now the virtual casinos in Atlantic City offer hundreds of modern games. We believe that they will expand further in the coming years, in spite of the high taxes.

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The Borgata Casino complex is a worldwide known destination for both domestic and foreign players. While the gambling revenues in Atlantic City has been decreasing, that’s not the case with this casino. We have seen many reviews of this casino on the internet and all of them were extremely positive. Nowadays, Borgata is without a doubt the most reputable casino complex in the entire city. This complex is extremely spacious and it boasts approximately 15,000 square meters of casino space. If you ever decide to go there, you’ll be able to check out over 4,100 slots and about 200 tables. ¬†Besides that, there’s a modern hotel as well as a large spa centre where you can relax after your games. At this place, you’ll also find numerous expensive boutiques such as Hugo Boss and Carina.

Tropicana Casino Complex

This entertainment complex has something for everyone. It is located on the popular Atlantic City’s promenade and it includes a hotel. Tropicana is enormous and it has almost 14,000 square meters of casino space. The casino promises you over 2,500 slots and many table games you can play. This traditional casino is considered to be the second best, right after the Borgata casino. Furthermore, it hosts numerous tournaments where you can win unbelievable prizes.

The Future

Gambling has been legal here since 1976 and since then Atlantic City has managed to become a worldwide famous place. Unfortunately, the gambling facilities in Atlantic City are losing their value and now they need to compete with many other cities in the United States. However, this city still has a lot to offer. For instance the popular Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, which is unarguably the finest entertainment complex in that part of America. It’s hard to predict what will happen with this place, but we are certain it’ll remain a hot tourist destination. It’ll maybe have fewer casinos and more financial problems in the future, but let’s hope that never happens. Recently, the unemployment rate has been falling down and that’s a positive sign for sure. We recommend it as a great travel destination. Even if you’re just a casual gambler, you’ll have a lot of fun there.

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