Pakistan Cleric Suspended After Selfies With Qandeel Baloch Go Viral

The Pakistan’s Religious matters department has confirmed on Wednesday that they have suspended a top cleric following his provocative images with Qandeal Balooch, the model known for her negative publicity stunts.

Mufti Qavi was a member of the country’s moon-sighting committee which is responsible for deciding the dates which mark the beginning and end of the holy Ramzan month.

Abdul was also an associate of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf opposition party led by ex-cricketer Imran Khan, and he was barred from this membership as well.

Images of Qavi with Qandeel have fetched adverse criticisms from all corners, as it happened during this sacred period.

Baloch is considered as a polarizing figure amongst the Muslim Brotherhood, and she is renowned for her acts which are against the Islamic traditions.

In one snap, she was seen wearing the hat of the preacher, and the starlet shared this on her official social media page.

Later, the model criticized Mufti for his conduct. According to the controversial actress, Abdul is a blot on the name of Islam, and he is totally unaware of the way in which a man should behave in front of a woman.

Yesterday, a spokesman for the Government told that National Spiritual Scholars will decide the fate of the suspended preacher after analyzing his selfies and behavior.

The video uploaded on Facebook by the startling young lady shows the cleric advising her on religious matters, and within no time, she agrees to become his disciple.

Later, the teacher replied that he made this meeting at her request, and added that she had already apologized for the inconvenience caused.

On the other hand, Qandeel lashed out against the preacher in the strongest manner.

As per the beauty, Qavi is a different man in the midst of his followers, and when he is alone, he behaves like a sheer insult to the whole male community. She even questioned him stating that who is Qavi to claim as a guardian of Islam.

There are reports that the model has been approached to participate in a popular Indian reality show.

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