Parker-Hannifin stocks tumble and uncertainty grows

Parker-Hannifin is a trusted name in the manufacturing world here in the United States. It’s a company that has withstood most of the changes that have come in the manufacturing landscape throughout the last 10 years, as harder years fell here in the U.S., but in that time – the company has maintained and continued to grow. Recently though, Parker-Hannifin stock has been an underperformer.

It has performed slowly, and it has been falling down and losing ground – instead of gaining ground and growing. This is something that has those within the company, as well as investors seriously concerned about what that might mean for the future of the company as a whole. Questions about potential layoffs, or slowdowns, are both things that loom large for Parker-Hannifin.


The stock price of Parker-Hannifin has dropped a staggering 7.65% since it’s one-year high, which was registered in the month of November. Whiel this might seem like a seemingly uncommon drop, it is a drop off that isn’t nearly as common as one might think. Especially for a company that has made it’s fortune during times of relative hardship in the manufacturing space.

Another cause for concern for investors is the fact that there has been a 6.49% reduction in the amount of stock owned by those who are employed by the company. The management team of the company, or ownership of Parker-Hannifin has a relatively small portion of the stock holding, measuring in at just 0.4% of the total stock that exists.

It isn’t just insider selling that has investors worried. It also comes down to sheer demand, and some are wondering if the amount of work – for a company that serves its customers by producing and manufacturing motion and control system technologies. Basically, the things that make some of the technical things run that we see in the manufacturing world are produced here.

That could mean a lot of things. It could mean that the overall business is down, or it could mean that there is a serious reduction happening within Parker-Hannifin. Perhaps though this will have the biggest impact on employees, as the squeeze continues to happen on Wall Street with the company, who is fighting to maintain its identity, as the stock price continues to free-fall slowly over a long period of time.

However, the company did point out that a large chunk of the selloff that happened took place with one particular individual who was a member of the global supply team. John Dedinsky, who is the VP of global supply for Parker-Hannifin unloaded a great deal of shares, totaling over $300,000.