Pew finds smartphone is primary Web browser for most

Pew has released the results of a new survey which reveal why people are so addicted to their smartphones. While there have been many attempts at answering this perplexing and sometimes complicated question – it would appear as though the answer is relatively simple. Pew says that for a fairly significant chunk of Americans, roughly 7% in all, a smartphone is their only access point to the Internet that is “readily available.”

Now, that’s not to say that these individuals don’t have laptops or computers at home – but rather to underscore the fact that the smartphone has become many individuals primary choice for executing most Web-related tasks. Interestingly though, that wasn’t the only revelation that made clear some smartphone trends in the U.S.


The survey found that 38% of all smartphone users frequently use their device for “directions,” and “meeting up.” Connecting with other people, which can be considered making calls – actually only comprised of 10% of respondents. That’s a surprising validation for a belief that many people have had for some time now. Smartphones are used for anything but communicating directly, yet, that is the very purpose they were designed to fill.

Another interesting note regarding smartphone use is the emotions people feel while using them. Productive and happy were the two emotions most-tied to smartphone use, according to respondents who felt as though their being would be negatively impacted by not having it with them. That’s telling, given the fact that we have largely become a society that relies so heavily on their smartphone that it sometimes hinders human interaction.

Either way, the study overall is something that has really revealed a lot about how people interact with the digital world, and how the Internet is received by people. Now, smartphones are peoples primary method of accessing the Internet, and that is a trend that will likely continue to increase over time. The numbers revealed by Pew reinforce just how connected we are to our connected devices, no matter what they are.