Pokemon announces new character for upcoming film

Pokemon have revealed a new character to appear in its upcoming full-length movie. The new Mythical Pokemon goes by the name of Magearna. With a height reported as 3’03” and a weight at 177.5lbs, the character appears with huge rabbit-like ears and rotund metallic body.

Website pokemon.com was first to reveal the news to fans of the genre, and says Magearna is known as the Artificial Pokemon, having been created by humans some 500 years ago.

Pokemon say the movie, expected later this year, will see character Ash meeting the Mythical Pokemon Volcanion. After crashing from the sky, a mysterious force – we are told – will bind the two characters together.

Ash and Volcanion are forced to try and work together as they arrive in a strange city of cogs and gears. Pokemon.com says in the movie Magearna, the new character, is stolen by a corrupt minister and it’s down to the heroic duo to try and rescue the “ultimate invention”!

Nintendo – who jointly own the copyright to Pokemon along with Game Freak and Creatures – revealed the new Mythical Pokemon yesterday evening. Magearna will be the 722nd Pokemon character to be created.

In something of a surprise to hardcore fans, game data for Magearna wasn’t included in recent releases Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, and Pokemon X/Y. It’s possible though, according to website comicbook.com, that patches or updates for the new character may be made available for gamers.

Beginning life in 1998, in less than 2 short years the Pokemon franchise will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Games and movie offerings are likely to ring in the celebrations, but for now the company are working on fighting game Pokken Tournament and mobile game Pokemon Go – both expected in the coming months.

Pokemon is now the second most successful games franchise in history, behind Nintendo’s other big winner, the Mario Bros. The franchise made almost $38 billion in worldwide gross revenues as of the year 2013.