Polytron releases special edition Fez for $100

Polytron, the company, specialized in Visual Arts had released a breath- taking game called Fez in 2013. It managed to entice most of its intended audience and has been successful in retaining its fans all over the world. The puzzle game is now back, not as a sequel but as a limited special edition game.

Polytron has officially made an announcement on its website about the cult-classic. The indie video game is going to available as a physical release for the first time ever. The package contains a notebook with a hard cover encased in a red and gold canvas. The notebook has a red cover debossed gold foil inlay presented in a matching slipcase as mentioned by the company on its storefront site. Dimensions of the notebook are 5.5″ x 5.125″ x 1.375″; while the slip case measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.625″. There is no doubt about it that the packaging looks stunning.

The note book is said to be left blank and has no story or interesting facts of Fez resulting in possible disappointment for hard-core fans. The book is to be filled up by enthusiasts as they unfold their journey into the third dimension. The play character Gomez, who is a two-dimensional creature, lives in what he believes is a 2D world. However, the mysterious 3D world is revealed by a bizarre artifact. Five hundred numbered copies are to be produced; with the signature of the package and artwork designer Phil Fish. Each customer can buy maximum three copies of the game set. The set is accompanied with the game’s award-winning OST sound track by its composer Disasterpeace. Along with this, a copy of the digital instant download of the FEZ Soundtrack is also available with this package in both, the MP3 and FLAC formats. The tracklist includes twenty-six items which can be viewed here*.





This game has been impressing fans with its mind-boggling puzzles, brilliant ideas and sophisticated design. This Limed Edition game set has DRM-free versions of the indie game only for MACs and PCs. This news is definitely going to disappoint console gamers. Moreover, its $100 price tag is being questioned by critics as well as fans. People are wondering if the high price is really worth it, especially for a special edition of a game launched years ago.

The game admirers will be in for another bad news. The developer mentions that the special edition classic is estimated to be shipped on 18th December this year and is subject to change. However, fans won’t be able to have it by Christmas as the indie video game is not expected to be shipped before 25th December. The dazzling visuals and mesmerizing soundtrack of the game might compel fans to buy this special edition; and criticisms will be justified or invalidated once it is known if the special edition game is really worth the price.