Portable Cooling Devices – Reasons to Invest in Them & Benefits That You Should Expect

Traditional fixed cooling devices have so many issues to deal with when it comes to installation and maintenance, they could last a lifetime. With the advancement in technology, the invention of portable cooling devices has made our lives easier. There are several types and numerous benefits associated with each. Let us have a look.

Reasons Why Choose a Portable Cooler

Primarily, fixed air conditioners can expend volumes of electricity and can be a one-third contributor to your overall energy bills. To cut down these expenses, what you need is a moveable and energy-efficient alternative. This is just one reason for having an alternative for ACs in place. We have listed more as following:

  • You can easily move them. You need only one device and it can be easily transported to another room, surface, or even go with you in a car, if the size, weight, and charger allow.
  • Simple plug and play functionality, no complex installation — most of the models are plug and play, which means you just need to bring them home and start using.
  • Easy on pocket alternatives as compared to the fixed counterparts — due to less complex machinery, you can buy a decent portable cooler in between 100$ to 200$, which is much less as compared to fixed ACs.
  • No space for installations or fixtures rented apartments — some of you might be living in rented spaces where either there is no space for installation or your landlord is very strict when it comes to building outlook so you cannot have a fixed unit.
  • Energy- and cost-efficient, side by side — having a unit that can easily work on a few watts of energy and used in multiple rooms depending upon the need can save you bucks.
  • Environment-friendly cooling devices — less energy consumption which also lets you contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

Depending upon the expected results, climate, budget, etc. you can choose between three types of mobile air coolers. Let us give you a detailed overview of the swamp cooler vs. air conditioner and vs. fan.

Categories of Portable Cooling Devices and Benefits

1. Electric Fans

One of the most economical types of portable cooling devices is electric fans. These are available in various sizes, shapes, and types such as battery driver UPS driven, etc. Depending upon the area, you can select the size or shape of the fan.

Electric fans just move the air in surroundings with the help of fan wings. This movement of air creates a breezy impact. However, if the surroundings of the fan contain hot air, they will just move that hot air around. Hence, electric fans are not capable of affecting the level of heat to any extent of space. Small or desktop size fans may not be able to create a sufficient breeze if you’re sitting across the room from it. Therefore, it is vital to opt for the right side of the fan.

Perks of Electric Fans

You may find any desired size. From stand-alone to desktop or box-shaped fans, you may find any size that is suitable for the need.

Flexibility in pricing. The basic versions are quite cheap and affordable, additional features such as a timer, ionized material may cost additional bucks.

2. Portable Air Conditioners

As any AC, portable ones work on the same mechanism. It may contain one or two hoses. If a model has only one hose, chilled air is forced back into a room and what wasn’t processed, escapes outside through that hose. If a model comes with a second hose, then the air for chilling comes from the outside, thus you have air circulating between the inside of your home and the outside, so it’s not over-processed. If you have your windows closed, the room will gradually get to the temperature you want.

Perks of Portable AC Units

Useful in altering the room temperature. Since they use the cooling agent called refrigerant, they are useful in controlling the heat in a room. You can set the room temperature, and it will maintain it the whole time it is operational.

Easy to move and use design. Due to lightweight and easy to move design, you can move it any room in the house. However, you need to have a window or space to fix the hot air hose.

Highly recommended for extremely humid areas. While the portable air conditioner moves hot air out of the room, it also blows out the moisture. Therefore, if you live in a hot and humid area, portable AC is the best choice.

No professional cleaning services/tools required. To have an AC functional for many years, the key is the timely cleaning of filters. The mounted ACs are not cleaning friendly, and you might end up calling paid cleaning services twice a month. Just remove take out the filters from time to time and clean them with a plain water-soap combination.

3. Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative Air Coolers

Unlike the portable ACs, evaporative or swamp air coolers work on the water evaporation mechanism as the choice of a cooling agent. The inner filling of the cooler soaks up water and creates droplets on the surface. These droplets are helpful in cooling down the air that passes through the device When this air with water droplets blows in the room, the overall temperature of the room drops as well.

Perks of Evaporative Coolers

Altering the temperature with evaporation. The artificial wind made by an internal fan cools down as it passes through organic or non-organic water-soaked fibers inside. This allows a fall in the heat level of the evaporator’s vicinity.

Low electricity bills. Since there is no heavy machinery involved, swamp coolers take as much energy as needed for a fan. Hence, electricity bills are way less than running an air conditioner.

Health safety. Only regular water is used in the mechanism, hence, no leakage of hazardous material is possible to cause concern.

Modification of the air. It is ideal for extreme hot areas where high temperatures dry out the air. An evaporator can help produce a more comfortable quality of air by affecting the temperature, humidity level, and even purify the air in your home.

No complex cleaning procedures. A well-chosen personal air conditioner will make cleaning and save you a lot of hassle. Simply remove the cartridge and rinse or clean the internal parts, that come in contact with water, with mild soap as per the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if you can add filters just as a carbon layer etc., the cleaning process may differ.

No cooling tricks required. It is an advanced version of electric fans that won’t force you to google DIY upgrades to create a cooling impact.

It can be operational outdoors as well. You can also use it on an outdoor lawn area since it doesn’t need an enclosed space to work properly. The best swamp cooler models come with a USB connector to plug into a power bank.


A source of chill is a necessity in every household or office place, even if the hot weather visits your region just for a few weeks a year. They can be a hefty investment if you decide to mount an aircon per each room, but you can cut costs by using a portable alternative. It can be enough to have one mobile cooler and use it everywhere you go.