Quentin Tarantino provides a sneak peak of ‘The Hateful Eight’

Quentin Tarantino has been long known for being hit for violence and racial epithets, but it doesn’t look that any of that would matter even after the script for one of his flicks, The Hateful Eight, leaked online sometime in January of this year.

Apparently the script leak pissed off Tarantino, something he says could have originated from only six people who in turn (as he claims) had given it to someone who leaked it online. Tarantino declared that he would file copyright infringement initially and that he would never produce the movie. But in an apparent change of heart, Tarantino is doing the film after all.

In fact, he has already hosted a public hearing for the Hateful Eight, a snowbound Western, which is reportedly part of a tradition that includes Robert Altman’s 1971 classic McCabe & Mrs. Miller.

While the said teaser doesn’t show much other than enumerating the characters who would be part of the movie, but nowhere mentioning who the official people would be taking on the different roles.


Well, if you hop on to IMDB, you may find the names of Samuel Jackson, Kurt Russell and Bruce Dern in the list. However, it remains to be seen whether these actors would still be the ones actually starring in the expected ‘bloody’ movie of Tarantino.


Could it be as good as Django Unchained, a previous Tarantino production which bagged two Oscars?