Raspberry Pi releases 1GHz, 512MB RAM $5 Raspi Zero computer

Right in the time for the holiday season, the Raspberry Foundation has released a new small computer costing only $5. Best gift for the hobbyists and makers, the new Raspberry Pi Zero is probably something every computer enthusiast should have.

It was only the 90’s when Woz made Christmas cards for the $5, and now we have computers with a vast computing power coming for that price. If we take a closer look at the new Raspberry Pi Zero – which has already sold out – then it carries a Broadcom BCM2835 1 GHz ARM11 Core processor, which is 40 percent faster than the first Raspberry Pi model. It has 512MB of LPDDR2 RAM, a microSD card slot, mini HDMI socket for the 1080p60 output, micro USB ports for the data transfer, 40 PIN GPIO, and video header.

So many features just on a little 65mm x 30mm x 5mm board indeed remarks the progress of the Raspberry Foundation towards their goal of making computers available to everyone around the world. Even though it has open ports, it will teach students how to solder the sockets and jacks on the board and make the Raspberry Pi work.

Not only for the students, but this will also enhance the robots and other form factors having Raspberry Pis at the heart. Being small and easy to fit, the new Pi Zero can have more functionalities and power in less power.

On the other front, schools will be able to have even more computers on a less budget, the $5 with Windows IoT support will make all of those big PCs dimish in the thin air. Students in developing countries and those facing financial problems will now be introduced to the computers in a much affordable way with everyone having their own personal computers to learn about programming and the Internet.

It was only a couple years back when the Raspberry Pi 1 was introduced for $25, and now the Raspberry Pi Zero for $5 with 40 percent more power. The newest model is currently out of stock with a hope of it coming back in the shelves again before Christmas.


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