Ray J Criticizes Bobby Pleasure P, Bobby V, and Sammie for Interrupting His Verzuz Performance

Onstage during Thursday night’s Verzuz battle involving Omarion and Mario, Ray J had a little meltdown. The “I Hit It First” singer joined Bobby V on a team as a special performer for the event. Before the main event, the duo faced off against renowned R&B celebrities Pleasure P & Sammie.

The atmosphere was a little tense as Ray J ascended the stage to sing “One Wish,” one of his best tracks. Even though it seems he didn’t warm up his vocal properly, Ray J nevertheless started singing, obviously having problems with several of the high notes.

He even took out his infant throughout the song and sang while carrying the baby in his arms.

But as he struggled with the song, his displeasure soon became apparent. Pleasure P, Bobby V, and Sammie all started humming along with Ray J as the song drew to a close. They were left alone to proceed after the singer-turned-entrepreneur unexpectedly stopped singing. While cradling his son, he reportedly apologized for missing “a few notes.”

Ray J’s frustration and unhappiness grew more apparent as the show went on. He came back after a few more songs. After that, he addressed the crowd, saying that since the Verzuz announcement, fans had already been eager for him to perform “One Wish.”

Omarion and Mario were supposed to be the main event, but the well-liked streaming series felt they needed a pre-show with Pleasure P, Ray J, Bobby V, and Sammie this time. The presence of various acts on the lineup delighted fans.

The four hitmakers started off the evening with some trash-talking, like most of the other Verzuz concerts. They boasted about who controlled their masters, who had been in the business longer, whose music was better, and whose songs had reached No. 1 on the charts. Commenters noted that sometimes their performance was more about arrogance than anything else for a bunch of men who offered us romanticism and slow jams for the bedroom, as reported by allhiphop.com.