RED introduces 4K $5,950 RAVEN Camera, arriving Feb 2016

A newly introduced camera from the RED is capable of shooting 4K videos and comes in the budget of the non-professional or budding videographers. Coming with a price tag of $5950, it is one of those professional-rated cameras that is right on the budget and is light enough to be carried on a quadcopter.

This is no doubt that professional cameras rarely land in the hands of non-professionals due to a very expensive price point. However, the new RED’s 4K shooting camera carries all of the professional video producing capabilities and is a perfect choice for the budding videographers to experience such quality shots. It was announced on Friday that the company will be rolling out the newly introduced camera in February 2016. As per the statement, the price mentioned above is only for the camera body, but not the entire shooting gear. For any other accessories or equipment buyers will have to pay the additional price for that.


Still, this will cost only a fraction of what other professional devices come for. This is apparently one of the most compact models the company or the industry has ever seen, and the RAVEN is going to inspire other professional camera manufacturers to launch such products in the market. It can be mounted, used on a drone and or in a hand, RAVEN will serve the purpose.

If we talk about the specifications, then we have an 8.8 megapixel RED Dragon sensors capable of shooting 2K and 4K videos at the 240 fps and 120 fps respectively. Coming in a black variant, the upcoming wonder for the budding videographers features a cube-shaped design for the best performance. The cube shaped allows it to get easily attached with a drone and shoot the films. As far as other features are concerned then we have few switches for controlling the camera. The EF lenses are going to be provided by the Canon.

Everybody is going 4K these days by including such shooting capabilities in the cameras and display of a smartphone. Anyone can shoot 4K videos with a smartphone, but they won’t be able to go above 30fps, where the RED offers 120 fps. A huge quality gap is here, however, on the another front, the budding videographers who do not have a budget more than $10,000 can take a great help from the upcoming RAVEN.

We may be able to see even more high-quality documentaries and low-budget movies appearing in the theaters.