Renovo uncovers ‘electrified’ supercar

After four hush-hush years, Renovo Motors surprised everyone with its “Renovo Coupé” at Monterey’s Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance.

The Campbell-based company showcased to the public its first production example of the “first all-electric American supercar” during the weekend.

Renovo was founded back in 2010. The company’s drive was to produce legit electric cars’ innovation. They unveiled the byproduct to the world after their four years of stealth.

The Renovo Coupé somehow resembles the 1964 Le Mans-winning Shelby Daytona CSX9000 coupe designed by Peter Brock. With 1,000 pounds of torque, it can go 0-100 km/h under 3.4 seconds, without the need for clutches and gearshifts.

Also, the coupe has two mid-mounted sequential axial-flux electric motors, estimated at more than 185Kw and 680Nm each. It also weighs 3,250 pounds and runs with three modular lithium ion batteries of 740 volts.

The battery alone weighs 600kg in total. Its battery’s new modular design is patent-pending and made for weight distribution as it utilizes multiple separate battery enclosures.

The said car is genuinely manufactured for Renovo by Shelby American as it was modified by Brock.

Renovo Motors has officially revealed that its “supercar” is worth $529,000 (R5.6 million) each. However, the company admitted that they are thinking of limiting the series production of the coupe by 2015.