Robin Thicke’s drug and alcohol abuse blamed for Paula Patton split

While many assumed that Paula Patton had left Robin Thicke over claims he was cheating on her, it has now been revealed that this wasn’t the case after all.

Robin was forced to admit his troubled experience with substance abuse and alcohol in court papers over his ongoing lawsuit for allegedly copying Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got To Give It Up’ which is said to sound very similar to Robin’s ‘Blurred Lines’.

The 37-year-old was overwhelmed with the success of his last album and single which is reported to have triggered his addiction to alcohol in the first place. The singer goes on to explain that he was also hooked on weed, admitting that he would smoke marijuana before every interview throughout 2013.

Upon admitting the truth to his wife, Paula, who had already become suspicious of Thicke’s “odd behavior,” she decided to leave him and file for divorce.

It should be noted that the couple’s divorce has not been finalized just yet, so there are signs that their relationship could still be saved if Robin is able to bounce back from his addiction — not only for the sake of his wife, but also for his only son, Julian.

Several outlets claimed last year that Miley Cyrus’ raunchy performance with Robin at the 2013 Video Music Awards was were the marriage started to fall apart. Some tabloids even accused Miley of having an affair with Robin, but it’s fair to say that none of these stories were accurate after all.

Thicke has been married to Paula for almost a decade. They separated in February with talks that Patton was readying divorce papers, though she has yet to finalize the papers.

It is unclear whether Paula and Robin are still on good terms, but as they share a child together, the right thing for them to do is at least be in contact with each other to lessen the pain that little Julian must be feeling with his father gone.

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