Roku, TCL and Hisense to launch TVs with 4kultra HD streaming support

The Consumers Electronics Show (CES) of 2014 saw set-top box manufacturer Roku unveiling plans for the Roku TV. What this meant was that TV sets made by Roku’s hardware partners TCL and Hisense would come with the company’s software preinstalled in them. The announcements made at this year’s CES, however, suggest something slightly different.

The two Chinese hardware partners of the company mentioned above have been replaced by two new names. That’s not all; the set-top box maker is also all set to launch TVs that support 4K streaming.


This year, Haier, the appliance maker, and the Insignia brand of Best Buy, will launch fresh models of Roku TVs. The TVs will be available in a range of sizes between 32 and 65 inches. These units, like all other previously launched models of Roku TVs, will run on the company’s (Roku’s) own operating system. Roku’s OS will be the primary browsing interface for users; however, like all the older models users will also be able to access “regular” cable on them.

Roku just loves boasting about the fact that it provides its users with over 2,000 channels. It’s true that it’s difficult for a single individual to watch even half of so many channels. However, for the company having such a long list of content partners has always been one of the biggest assets, based on which it believes it can rule the growing industry of video streaming sticks and set-top boxes.

Insignia, according to reports, will launch its Roku TVs during the spring. People interested to get hold of Haier’s units will, however, will need to wait for some more time; the appliance maker will be releasing its Roku TVs during the final quarter of 2015. None of the companies have said anything about the products’ price.

Roku has more in store for you. This year, other than adding some more TV models to its already attractive lineup, the set-top box maker is all set to treat its users with 4K Ultra HD streaming support in its future TVs.

The California-based company Saratoga revealed that it is currently working with both Haier and Insignia for offering design reference for television sets and with Netflix and other content partners of Roku for offering video streams boasting resolution of 4K. However, we’ll need to wait for some more time to see how things pan out.