RTA and RDA Vape Tanks Explained

If you are a vapor, you already know the terms like ATOMIZERS, RDA, RTA words that can be a bit confusing and difficult to understand but don’t worry, once you understand a little what it is about, it is not that complex. One of the issues that most confuses is the atomizers since there are some initials that are not very clear to everyone. If you are confused about RDA and RTA, then this content will help you to understand this.

RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer)

It is one of the most used tanks or atomizers in advanced users. Since it makes use of repairable resistors that can be customized or even made by the user himself, this type of atomizer does not have a tank. For “dry vaping” you must constantly apply the liquid to the tank in order to vape.

It allows not only to save liquid but to achieve great clouds of vapor and it provides a great flavor. RDA atomizers are usually the ones that are used the most and liked by the majority of experienced vapers.

Airflow is very important when choosing your RDA since the more restricted it is, the denser the vapor will be with a considerable increase in flavor. However, RDAs with gradual airflows give an incredible flavor, such as the Goon 25, Apocalypse, or the great novelty of the year, The Mind Flayer RDA. If you want to know more about RTA and RDA, then click here. Here you will find a massive idea about overall vaping.

Advantage of using RDA atomizer

  • RDA atomizer performance is fantastic. As we know, RDA liquid burns directly on the resistance, the amount of vapor per millimeter of e-liquid is almost 100%. It saves your liquid most compared to other atomizers.
  • RDA atomizer is usually cheaper than another atomizer. If you compare RDA atomizer to others, then you just get the answer. RDA is a simple device that you can get for a lower price than the average atomizer
  • The RDA atomizer has more than desirable air vents. Air vents are located both above the deck and to the sides, and also in both places. RDA atomizer design is very useful and very easy to use.

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

It is an atomizer that works with the same resistances as the RDA tank but has the benefit of having a tank that stores the liquid and there is no need to apply it continually. It is the best between a Sub-Ohm Tank and an RDA, combining characteristics of both.

If you’re looking for a fully personalized vaping experience, you may have already made a move to repairable atomizers. When it comes to RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs, there is a wide variety on the market, so you can choose many tanks.

Advantage of using RTA

  • You can quickly assemble and configure the resistance. This is why its Customization capacity is very cool.
  • You are able to take large amounts of steam because it supports a higher wattage setting.
  • You can feel the original flavors because you vape directly from the cotton without cutting the flavor.
  • Most of the RTA is made of metal parts, so they are very strong. It’s very easy to clean after vaping.


It is a personal selection trying to group different types of repairable tank atomizers with different characteristics. Some prefer to generate immense vapor clouds, others prioritize flavor, many prefer simplicity in coil mounting, some prefer mouth-to-lung vaping, and others direct to lung vaping. This is why people love different types of atomizer and vape tanks.