Rumored Google Chromecast second-gen to arrive on Sept. 29

Rumors suggest that the next generation Chromecast stick is going to land in a few days during the Google Nexus 5X and 6P 2015 smartphone launch event. Leaked images and documents suggest that the Chromecast second-generation is arriving very soon.

The images that appeared online are a little blurry, however, if looked closely than it apparently shows a new Chromecast that has received significant cosmetic changes. If the images to be accurate, then the Chromecast is going to come in a shape similar to that a USB key with a ball-shaped structure on the top. This is one of the weirdest designs Internet has ever seen, and apparently looks similar to tee with a golf ball sitting on the top.

As per the rumored and leaked documents, the Chromecast will now feature even faster Wi-Fi, probably the IEEE standard Wi-Fi a/c, with an ability to connect even at the 5GHz. The 5GHz frequency has more bandwidth support and has less interference.

Apart from this, the next-generation Google Chromecast will allow the users to add content feed to the device’s home screen. Initial reports suggest that the RSS feeds, Facebook News Feed, or whichever feed service the users uses can appear on the home screen. There can be a widget, a particular area on the screen or an entire app delicately covering the whole display of the TV.

Documents also mentioned a new “Fast Play” feature that is supposedly a new way to fast forward the videos or may be, as per the 9to5Google speculations, for the speeding up the process of getting other devices paired with the Chromecast.

Other than this, the rumored Chromecast is also going to feature a Chromecast Audio streaming that can be directly plugged into the speakers. Chromecast is going to come bundled with an aux cable to connect the speakers.

The device is going to land in the stores with a variety of variants. If observed closely, we can see Red, Black, and Yellow options in the leaked images. All other specifications are yet to be made official by the Google, and would be interesting to see how Chromecast is going to compete with the Amazon FireTV Stick, Roku and other Chromecast-like products.