Rumors spilling about Apple Watch’s poor battery backup of 5 hours

Apple is getting closer to the spring release of their Apple Watch, but now reports are surfacing that the battery struggles in long-term testing. Originally, the company had been working toward a device that could last an entire day, but a report released by 9to5Mac suggests that the Apple Watch will die shortly before making it to the full-day goal. Ultimately, there are a few factors behind this reasoning. Apple decided that they would put an incredibly powerful, and equally powerful display in the Apple Watch. This turned out to be a costly decision according to the report. It points to these two factors being the major roadblocks in achieving the full-day use before the battery runs out.


That being said though, that usage report is somewhat misleading. For those who see themselves using the Apple Watch aggressively, and aren’t just going to use it passively to tell time, and occasionally read messages – the Apple Watch might miss the mark entirely. The company had originally aimed for 2.5 hours to 5 hours of aggressive use before dying, but it would appear as though Apple has even missed the mark on this measure. While many are comfortable and used to charging their gadgets on a daily basis, this might actually require a couple charges a day – before actually making it through the entire day – if you’re dedicated to using it.

Apple though has been concerned about battery life from the beginning though. This was the main reason why Apple delayed the launch of the Apple Watch in the first place from fall 2014 to spring 2015. The move comes after the company has acknowledged testing more than 3,000 units. However, all reports have led to the same conclusions. At the end of the day, this is a gadget that is going to be used on a sporadic basis. While some will use the device frequently, others will only use the device occasionally, and it will serve in a more passive sense. For those users, the battery life will be much kinder than for those who are looking to get an extreme amount of use out of the device.

Whether it’s being used for checking health stats, checking the time, checking messages, or doing one of the many other functions that the Apple Watch promises to bring to the table – it’s clear that this could be a major player – even with the ailing battery life at play.