Russell Westbrook tasked to lead Thunder with Kevin Durant sidelined

With reigning NBA Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant out for at least six weeks, all eyes will be on another superstar, Russell Westbrook. Durant is down with a broken right foot which will keep him out for a minimum of six weeks, paving the way for Westbrook to shine when the NBA opens its 2014-15 season.

Westbrook does have his work cutout for him. Together with Durant, Westbrook have made the Thunder seeded favorites to make the playoffs year in and year out. However, Westbrook has been criticized at times, one of which is his in-game decisions which to some have cost the Thunder crucial game outcomes.


And while others feel that Westbrook may not be the type to lurk in the shadows of an acknowledged star such as Durant, this could be the time for him to shine and strut his wares as far as leading coach Scott Brooks’ boys early on in the season.

It is actually Westbrook’s turn to take on the cameo role after dealing with setbacks in 2013 and 2014. Westbrook underwent two surgeries to address his right knee, leaving the fortunes of the Thunder on Durant.

This time around, Westbrook gets the chance to show NBA fans that he can lead an NBA team all by his lonesome. And hopefully Westbrook would hear no more of the ball-hogging tags and immature in-game decision making as he holds the fort for a Durant-less Oklahoma City ball club.

Westbrook has proven he can take over, not only with the OKC Thunder but also with Team USA in the international scene. And despite the continued criticism Westbrook has without a doubt shown that he is a superstar in his own right, owing to the fact that he has been consistently named in consecutive all-NBA team selections.

Plus, coach Brooks believes that Westbrook has come off age, matured enough to take on the leadership role and help the Thunder hold their heads above water for the time being that Durant is out of commission.

As far as Kevin Durant is concerned, he believes that the team is in good hands with Russell Westbrook around. For the time being, Durant needs to patiently wait for his knee to heal before he can report back to active duty and help buddy Westbrook guide the Thunder into another possible NBA playoff stint.