Salmonella Infections: Mississippi becomes the latest state to face cucumber recall

The number of cucumber-related salmonella infections in the United States is rising continuously. This has forced the governments in several states to recall cucumber; the latest addition to that list is Mississippi.

This Tuesday, the country’s health agency reported a total of 558 cases, a number that is 140 more than the previous week.

That’s not all; according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), the ongoing outbreak has taken lives of three people in Texas, Arizona and California. The number of hospitalizations caused by the outbreak, on the other hand, is around 112.

What’s more alarming is that more than 50% of those falling prey to the infection are children below 18 years of age. This is not surprising as usually individuals with weakened immune system, for instance, kids and elderly people remain at greater risk of developing the infection.

The 140 additional cases of Salmonella infection reported this week come from 24 different states. California is at the top with 31 new diagnoses of the infection. States like Montana, Missouri, New York, North Dakota and South Dakota have had 1 new diagnosis each during this period. California is also the state with maximum number of cases identified to date; next is Arizona followed by Utah, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The number of cases is on the rise in spite of the government’s effort to stop the outbreak. As of Tuesday, as many as 33 states faced cucumber recalls. However, most recent reports suggest that Mississippi has become the 34th state to face a cucumber recall. All these include a recall announced on September 4, 2015 by the San Diego-based company Andrew ad Williamson Fresh Produce.

The San Diego firm recalled cucumbers it imported from Mexico and sold between Aug 1 and Sept 3 under the company’s Limited edition brand. In a statement issued after the recall, the company said that it has been offering full cooperation to the government agencies and has done everything that could be done for removing the product from the market.

After a week of the San Diego firm’s announcement of its cucumber recall, another recall was announced by Custom Produce Sales. Custom Produce Sales recalled items it got from Andrew and Williamson and marketed under its Fat Boy brand. All these recalled items were sold in 24 states in the South, Midwest, Plains and West.