Samsung Expands One UI 6 Beta Program to Galaxy A52 and M23

Samsung is broadening its horizons by introducing two more devices, the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy M23, to its One UI 6 beta program. This move comes after the successful rollout of the Android 14 beta skin to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5. With this expansion, Samsung continues to solidify its commitment to providing users with the latest software experiences.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung’s One UI 6 beta program now includes the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy M23.
  • The beta update has been confirmed for the M23 in India and the A52 in South Korea.
  • The beta version is a substantial 2.6GB in size and incorporates the security patch from October 2023.
  • To access the beta, users need to register via the Samsung Members app.

Expanding the Beta Horizon:

Samsung’s decision to include the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy M23 in its One UI 6 beta program showcases the company’s dedication to enhancing user experience across its device range. The beta update for the Galaxy A52 has been confirmed for users in South Korea, while Indian users can access the beta for the Galaxy M23. For those residing outside these regions, the update is expected to be available soon.

How to Join the Beta Program:

For users eager to experience the latest One UI 6 beta on their Galaxy A52 or M23, the process is straightforward. First, download the Samsung Members app. Once installed, an invite banner will appear on the home screen. By clicking on this banner, users can register their device for the beta program. After registration, the next step is to navigate to settings, select software update, and then tap on download and install.

Current Devices in the One UI 6 Beta Program:

As of now, the devices included in the One UI 6 beta program are the Galaxy S23, S22, A54, A53, Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, A34, A52, and A23. Samsung’s approach to rolling out the beta has been somewhat unpredictable, leaving users and enthusiasts guessing which device might be next in line for the update.


Samsung is making significant strides in its software development by expanding the One UI 6 beta program to include the Galaxy A52 and M23. This move not only offers users a chance to experience the latest software enhancements but also underscores Samsung’s commitment to improving user experience across its diverse range of devices. With the beta program now encompassing a broader range of Galaxy devices, it’s an exciting time for Samsung enthusiasts worldwide.