Samsung Galaxy S6 looks to stand out

Samsung has officially delivered the Galaxy S6, as well as the Galaxy S6 Edge, and in doing so have quelled many of the concerns that existed about the smartphone which the company called a reinvention of their flagship device from the ground up. While there was a lot of risk running on this launch, and we’ve yet to see this device work in broad daylight – outside of a controlled environment like Mobile World Congress – it still looks like the most-impressive device that has been shown off by the company in years.

Right off the bat one of the biggest complaints that anyone had about the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the fact that it had a plastic body, which made the device feel cheap and unworthy of the flagship classification. This time though, Samsung made sure that none of that would be a part of the conversation. The company issued the traditional bodied Samsung Galaxy S6, and then delivered the Galaxy S6 Edge, which featured a curved display in addition to the metal body that really showed the sleek design that the Galaxy S5 was missing so badly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

There were a few really important features that Samsung wanted to make sure they got right with this smartphone. They delivered by ditching the plastic body, as well as ditching the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor – which rumors had reported had issues with overheating in testing. Time will tell if the processor that the company elected to go with evaded that type of situation. The Exynos 7420 chipset that is packed inside the device brings all of the power that would have been in the device with the Snapdragon alternative, but this chipset is put together by Samsung – which is good to see. Combine that with 3GB of RAM, as well as the usual storage options – and both the Galaxy S6, as well as the Galaxy S6 Edge are solid contenders for best phone of 2015.

The 5.1-inch display is a QHD Super AMOLED display that is essentially the best screen anyone has ever seen on a smartphone. A 16MP rear-facing shooter, as well as a 5MP front-facing shooter – means the cameras are basically as good as they can get, anyway, and it proves that Samsung was leaving nothing to chance with this device. A 2550mAh, or 2600mAh battery – depending on whether you get the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge means that the results will be delivered every day. This smartphone will not die halfway through the work day, or require charging constantly.

However, should charging become an issue, it is ready for wireless charging – as well. Really from top to bottom this is the best flagship Galaxy smartphone that Samsung has released to date, and for very good reason. The body alone is a welcomed change for a company that has suffered from an inability to gain identity in the Android market.