Seven Great Job Roles for Creative People

There are several creative fields to choose from if you are looking for a career where you can use your imagination and original thinking skills. Often, jobs in media and the arts might be the first thing that you think about when it comes to creative roles, but there are many others to consider in different industries that might not immediately come to mind. Creative jobs are often roles that require a lot of dedication and work that isn’t always confined to traditional business hours.

Why Seek a Creative Career?

There are plenty of great reasons to seek out a career path where you can flex your creativity and use your imagination on the job every day. Firstly, creative jobs tend to be more flexible, with creative professionals more likely than others to be contractors or self-employed, which makes this an ideal type of career for those who want more control of their schedule and a more flexible work life. In addition, creative careers require quick changes, new and outside-the-box thinking, and often involve working to fast-paced deadlines, which means that the work is unlikely to get stale and there is always going to be something new for you to learn. If you enjoy working with others, there are many creative careers that thrive on collaboration, and you will get to spend a lot of your time discussing and coming up with new ideas alongside other people to reach the best solutions as a team. Some of the best career choices for creative people include:


Working as a journalist is an ideal career choice for creative people that involves following the latest stories and compiling reports of your findings. Journalists can work in a variety of different areas including print, media, broadcast, and online journalism. It is often a very self-led career where journalists are left to follow the stories that interest them the most and set their own deadlines in many cases. In addition, there are lots of options for freelance and self-employed journalists to make money by selling stories to various publications or broadcast media companies. As a journalist, you also get to choose which type of journalism to work in based on what interests you the most. For example, you might consider investigative journalism if you enjoy uncovering facts and doing detective work, or become a sports journalist if you enjoy following sports.

Advertising Manager:

The field of advertising is often a great choice for people who are seeking a creative career option. As an advertising manager, you will be working to create campaigns that promote services or products. This might be on behalf of one or several different businesses. An advertising manager has a lot of different roles and responsibilities and is mainly responsible for reviewing and approving creative materials to promote products and services in a range of mediums including web, print, television, and radio.


If you are interested in creating visual art and like drawing or painting, you may be interested in working as an illustrator. Illustrators work to create the artwork that accompanies books, magazines, websites, and other publications. There are several roles that you might consider in this line of work including creating marketing materials, illustrating children’s books, or creating informational drawings for medical or scientific books and magazines.

Interior Designer:

If your creativity tends to thrive the most when you are designing a room in the home or picking paint colors for decorating, working as an interior designer could be an ideal creative career for you to pursue. Interior designers work on the plans of homes, businesses, and other spaces. They often work closely with building professionals like engineers, architects, and tradespeople. As an interior designer, you will consider the preferences of your customer along with the functionality of a space to come up with suitable aesthetics. Interior designers can work anywhere or may focus on certain areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Web Designer:

If you’re a creative person but like the idea of an office job where your work is mainly computer-based, a role as a web designer might be an ideal choice for you. Web designers write code that is used to create websites, however, with a growing number of tools available to web designers that allow them to create functional and well-designed websites without a lot of coding, this skill is not always as necessary for the role as it once was. As a web designer, you can find work for one company to maintain and update their website or websites, or you might work in a freelance role with a range of clients to build and maintain websites on their behalf.

Tattoo Artist:

If you’re highly creative when it comes to art, enjoy tattoos, and are confident enough in yourself to create permanent art on people’s skin, working as a tattoo artist is a creative career that might be worth considering. As a tattoo artist, you will often be self-employed, which can lead to a more flexible career with a better work-life balance compared to others. Most tattoo artists will start with an apprenticeship, where they will work under the supervision of a more experienced tattoo artist for at least a year.

Commission Artist:

Another great job for those who enjoy drawing, painting, or digital art is a commission artist. In this role, you will usually be self-employed and will work directly with clients to create artwork to their requests. Most commission artists will work in a certain area of art, such as digital art portraits or pet portraits. This is a unique role that requires a good idea for detail and the ability to create art from photographs. To be successful you will usually need to have developed a strong art style and be confident in your work.

If you are a creative person, there’s nothing worse than the idea of working in a boring and repetitive job where you can’t think outside of the box or come up with original ideas. Consider one of these creative career choices.