SHH! Google X Lab secretly working on long lasting Solid-State Batteries

Google’s X lab is currently working to develop a new series of batteries; these batteries will be more powerful and will last much longer than the existing models. Google, when asked about the matter, however, refused to confirm anything; but, considering the large number of battery-based Google products available for purchase right now, it’s not difficult to believe that the Mountain View-based tech firm is looking to build better batteries.

Apparently, Google started to work on a battery with improved functionalities more than two years back. The process began with testing of power sources of Google devices by Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj. The current development process is also underway under the leadership of the same Google expert; now, Dr Bhardwaj leads a team of four.

Dr Bhardwaj and his team are currently at work in a semi-secret facility of the company. They are trying to improve the lithium-ion technology and produce solid-state battery tech that can be mass produced at reasonable costs.


If you have the experience of handling electronic appliances, you must be aware of the term lithium-ion. However, the term “solid-state batteries” is not that common; so, let us explain the term and help you understand Google’s project better.

Solid-state batteries are much smaller than the conventional batteries electronic devices come equipped with. These batteries have such petite size as they work by transmitting current across solids; the standard batteries transmit current across liquids.

Another benefit of not having inflammable liquid electrolytes is that the solid state batteries are much safer than the standard ones. This is probably one of the main reasons behind Dr Bhardwaj’s decision of opting for solid state batteries; reports suggest that he and his team are looking to make these safer batteries compatible to the Google Glass and the smart contact lenses developed at the company’s X lab.

According to those reports, once the new improved battery gets incorporated into Glass, it will be able to play more videos and stay active for longer periods on a single charge. The smart lens, a yet to be unveiled Google Tech, will also be able to stay functional for a longer span of time if equipped with the new solid state batteries.