Skrillex and Google team up for special Android cases

Skrillex is joining forces with Google to bring some pretty awesome Android cases to smartphone users in the coming months. It is being dubbed the, “Skrillex Live Case,” and features work specifically designed by Sonny Moore. Google pointed out though that the cases would be released in limited portions and that they would have few of them in the long run. Moore said of some of the other cases he’s seen on smartphones as he’s traveled globally that, “I really like the really crazy phone cases that are out right now. You see the girl’s case that looks like a Starbucks cup, or the Moschino Jeremy Scott french fries. I think that shit’s really fun.”

Interestingly though, these cases aren’t just specially designed cases. Instead, they’re amongst some of the most interesting cases you could possibly imagine that actually have guided content that runs along with them. The cases are essentially smart cases that utilize NFC, or near field communication, to actually speak with the device that they’re being hooked up to. At that point, the device will be instantly loaded with wallpaper content, various packs of specifically designed images, and much more.


The move on part of Google is one that is starting with Skrillex, but will likely expand outward in a big way over the course of the next several years. Especially if this particular example is successful. At that point it would be interesting to see who else Google might work with to bring additional cases and functionality. These cases will only be availalbe for the Nexus 6, and will cost $40 through the Google Play Store, but supplies will be limited so they will likely go quickly.

However, that isn’t really an unreasonable price to pay for a case that does have NFC worked into it. That isn’t technology that is widely used, or typically used in traditional cases, so it might be a smart adaptation to actually incorporate this technology into the special cases they’re designing. It could start a serious trend. That being said though, the overall thought process behind the case right now is that it will do very well with a large portion of Android users. At least those who are able to use the case.

At the end of the day, this is about creating something bigger, and something better. Google believes that they and Skrillex can benefit from working out this type of relationship, and really it would appear as though it has been received well. This could easily become a new trend for Google, as they choose to work with more artists in more competing spaces.