Skype for Web beta is now available in the US and UK

One of the most popular Microsoft-owned chat and calling service- Skype has now launched the Skype for web (Beta) for all users residing in the U.S. and U.K. It was released at the end of 2014 but only on an invite basis. Thus, limited users had access to the gated based invite system. But now all users can use it directly from the website. The web based client will roll out on a worldwide basis in the next few weeks.

This means the users won’t require any requests as it did earlier. Moreover, users would not have to take the pains to download the Skype app any more. They can go to the website ( and start their conversations instantly. This has boosted Real-Time Communications (RTC) on the web greatly and is a crucial step for Skype.

The timeline interface on the website will enable users to search and converse better by integrating the contacts list and recent conversations list. Notifications from Skype when the user gets a video call, audio call or Instant message (IM) have been enabled to appear on the desktop even if the user is currently using another app or is on another website on the same or different browser.


There is seamless conversation syncing as users will be able to load the their contacts instantly after logging into their Skype accounts using their Microsoft accounts or Skype IDs on the website.

The browsers supported by the service are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. A browser plug-in may be needed to make audio and video calls for the first time as announced by Skype. However, one unsatisfactory feature of the web based service is that it does not support Chrome OS. Chromebooks do not support the plug-in for audio and video calling using the Skype for web service. It is thus recommended that customers use the instant messaging features for the time being.

This initiative to develop a web based version of Skype was triggered by the demands made by the existing users of the service to instantly make calls and chat through the website directly. The advantage is that users working on computers in internet cafes for instance do not need to have the app installed and can make calls and chat from the website itself. Also, customers using the app on the mobile can get the calls and messages on a bigger screen using the Skype for web service.

The Windows 10 launch on 29th July will render full support to the web based version of Skype. This will prove to be a miracle for users who prefer to converse via a desktop or laptop computer rather than using smartphones.