Snapchat CEO says untargeted advertising coming to drive revenue

Snapchat has taken the mobile technology world by storm. Specifically, the world of messaging, and photo sharing. The platform operates in a very basic way, and has done very little to change their approach until this year – when a system wide update was made to the way the app functions.

The company has turned down acquisition offers from Google, and Facebook already, and now is setting its sights on proving itself with its hefty $10 billion valuation. On Wednesday, Evan Spiegel, the 24-year-old founder and CEO said that the company will be debuting its first attempt at ads on the platform “soon.”


The ads will be integrated seamlessly to users through the stories feature. Essentially, a user will be watching a snap story, and then between photos or videos a quick ad will play. The length of the ads is unclear but Spiegel also made some interesting remarks regarding the ads.

It’s clear that the ads will not be targeted in any way. However, the CEO made clear stating that the ads would be basic and that they would feel less invasive because they wouldn’t be tailored to you, or make the user feel obligated to clicking on them.

Perhaps one of the most interesting portions of Snapchat’s first effort to drive in revenue is that they’re doing it with a very passive tone. Spiegel said about the ads, “They’re not fancy. You just look at it if you want to look at it, and you don’t if you don’t.”

The company is valued at $10 billion, and Yahoo! has committed to investing in the company, and Snapchat is showing no signs of slowing down on any front. They comfortably own the market, after Facebook tried, and failed at creating an app that was a near-carbon copy of Snapchat.

A few companies, and brands like Taco Bell, Grubhub already have worked out agreements with Snapchat, but many new newspaper, magazines, and television networks are looking to join the advertising party Snapchat is throwing as well. This type of advertising could entirely change the way advertisements are viewed, and the way the average user approaches them.

If Snapchat can make people feel less assaulted by ads, perhaps it can go a long way to restoring the faith in ads – since they are predominantly how the internet makes money, and is able to function.

Regardless, now that Snapchat is going to start making money now with their first line of ads, the sky will truly become the limit for what this company can do as a whole.