Sony PS4 Masamune update improves music and storage features

Sony Corp. has offered a detailed preview of features of the first major update to its PS4 (PlayStation 4) console. In addition, the Japanese firm has also announced two minor updates. The major PS4 update, which has been codenamed as Masamune will make improvements to the console’s storage, music and customization features.

The first of the minor updates i.e. Update 3.35 is for the company’s handheld gaming console PlayStation Vita and its PlayStation TV set-top box. The second minor update will be coming in form of PlayStation App 2.0, which will be providing the app with a range of new features; Sony developed the app to give gamers the opportunity of exploring its PlayStation network.


The PlayStation App is available for download both on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. The app doesn’t comes pack with any kind of gameplay; instead, it gives users opportunity of connecting with friends, exploring leader-boards for different online games, getting news and doing many such other things.

According to Sony, the new version of the app comes with improved layouts that make it more suitable for tablet users; in addition, the home screen of the application will also be more streamlined. The Japanese company has confirmed that PlayStation App 2.0 will be made available along with PS Vita and PS4 software updates.

Updates for PS Vita and PS TV will come with fixes for every platform. Sony hasn’t talked about a lot of features when announcing the upcoming updates, but it did mention that the new features will support multi-player Remote Play better.

For those who don’t know what Remote Play is: it is an innovative technology that gives internet-connected PS4s the power of rendering and streaming gaming graphics to their PS Vita or PS TV. This feature uses PS Vitas or PS TVs as controller, which gives users mobile gaming opportunity both when they are at home and traveling.

Currently, Remote Play only allows single or double player gameplay; once the update is released up to 4 friends will be allowed to get connected through it. Here, it must be noted that the Remote Play feature is not supported by all titles.

To stay with the trend, Sony is also planning to give its users the opportunity of watching the performance of other gamers; these include both amateur and professional gamers. So, alongside the three updates discussed above the company is looking to launch a new app called Live from PlayStation. The app will be targeting PS Vita and PS TV and will allow users with compatible devices to watch live streaming of PS4 gaming.

Sony is looking to attract more users to its PlayStation 4 gaming console. Other than announcing a series of updates, the company has also recently launched a new television commercial for PS4 where reality is seen blurring with fiction.

In the commercial, two gamers are seen getting stuck into 3 biggest games of the console, Far Cry 4, Destiny and NBA 2K15. To portray an amalgamation of the three games, the actors are made to play basketball, experience the wingsuit of Far Cry and then jump on Destiny sparrow’s back. The ad carries a catchy tagline: “Nothing brings us together like a little friendly competition. PlayStation 4 – the Best Place to Play”; this proves that Sony is basically looking to encourage PS4 users to enjoy ‘friendly competition’.