Sony’s FES e-paper smartwatch invention will change everything into Screens, BIG SCREENS

Sony new E-Paper smartwatch is definitely not a competitor to the Apple Watch or any Galaxy smartwatch. This is definitely something that will be tapping into a completely different market space. This discovery has opened the gates to infinite opportunity where everything can changed to reading screen.

Sony’s involvement with a startup called Fashion Entertainment or FES as its being called in the tech space has been a mystery to this point. Little has been said about it, and Sony didn’t want to be overtly tied to the startup that hid under the cover of Makuake – a Japanese crowdfunding site.

The watch though isn’t what is generating as much buzz, as the product that is used to create the product is. In fact, the e-paper that is said to be used to design and build this smartwatch is being talked about as groundbreaking for the tech world as a whole, especially when it comes to wearables. Sony’s FES watch really can’t be termed a smartwatch, in the traditional sense because it really lacks functionality beyond telling time. However, it does tell time, and it is made out of one of the coolest products that exist in the tech space right now.

The e-paper watch has a minimalist design but is designed with fashion in mind. It’s estimated that the battery will last as long as 60-days on a single charge thanks to that minimalist design, and most would be impressed with the fact that the band, as well as the face are one continuous piece, rather than being broken up and separated. E-paper wearable technology is so enticing because it doesn’t have the traditional and cumbersome characteristics of a traditional screen. Meaning, users are not forced to deal with another high-maintenance device to lug from place to place, and really for simpler devices – and even some devices that could eventually become interactive – but for logistical reasons cannot due to the bulkiness of a full-blown screen – e-paper can really be a game changer.

Sony’s FES is also working on e-paper technology that includes bow-ties, glasses, and even shoes – focusing on the style aspect more, as customers become more conscious of how they look and how their technology looks with them. As for the reason why Sony decided to hide their involvement? A source close to the situation noted that “We hid Sony’s name because we wanted to test the real value of the product, whether there will be demand for our concept,” which isn’t a terrible idea in a space where wearable technology is either received exceptionally well, or received horribly.

The future will include technology invading the fashion industry and the two working together to create more desirable products – and more products that cater to individual style – rather than simple function and tech-style.