SpaceX launches falcon vehicle in Cape Canaveral

After announcing that it was looking for potential sites in locations like Texas in which to ship off its rockets, SpaceX has recently made the decision to settle on Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The organization sent off is Falcon vehicle complete with six interactive satellites today at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station base. Orbcomm, a satellite company in New Jersey, is responsible for the inclusion of the technological satellites on the Falcon.

These satellites, which weigh about 374 pounds each, will allow SpaceX to review important information about the Falcon’s trajectory as well as other crucial vehicle data like gas and oil levels, logistics, and buoys.

SpaceX doesn’t plan to stop there though. For 2015, it intends to unveil several more vehicles that include at least 11 total satellites.

The organization has had some difficulties sending off the Falcon vehicle before now. Some technical difficulties have kept it grounded. The original launch was planned for May.