SpaceX’s Elon Musk targets Seattle as Mars planning HQ with 1000 employees

Elon Musk has created one of the most aggressive plans for space aviation in his Mars expedition ideas. That being said, he has never been one to shy away from those very aggressive plans. This occasion seems to be no different for Musk, who says he is targeting Seattle, Washington as his location for his Mars planning headquarters. The move is one that would employ as many as 1,000 people, and would comprise mostly of a team of engineers who would be tasked with making his plans possible.

The first goal of this operation in Seattle will be creating and sustaining a commercial satellite business that will make the next steps going to Mars possible. At this point though it’s unclear how long it will take to this headquarters to be built, or how far through the process Musk and his company actually is. SpaceX though has already developed a significantly larger business in the space community than many thoughts would be produced. They already fill contracts for NASA on a production level, as well as producing the Falcon 9 rockets that are used to launch commercial satellites into orbit.


SpaceX though is in the cash game. The company is looking to capture as much as $70 million in government contracts through 2030, and that would be a serious move in an industry where there is still quite a bit of competition. However, SpaceX is focused on the future and their lofty goals of making things like the colonization of Mars a priority. Musk recently noted that more details about what his plans are for Mars by the end of this calendar year – and many are growing impatient.

The space travel industry is something that has been under intense debate over the course of the last several years – as SpaceX, as well as companies like Virgin Galactic, work to move toward more aggressive plans for space travel, space colonization, and others even pursue plans to make moon mining possible. It’s worth noting that the next several months will be crucial for SpaceX as well as Elon Musk who has maintained a very solid image throughout the process of exploring his plans, even though his plans involve some things that others have expressed major concerns with. Specifically, the privatization of space travel is something that many find questionable, and tough to accept, as well.