Sprint offering unlimited international data and text in 15 countries at zero fee

Sprint is showing signs of life, after so many months of decline and the loss of its complete former user base. With the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, Sprint offered up its new Unlimited Plus Plan that lets customers get Samsung’s newest devices for free (with the two-year agreement, of course). Today’s news adds to the new (yet good) whispers surrounding Sprint: the carrier now offers its customers free data roaming and Wi-Fi for international travel.

“The continuous feedback from our customers indicates how important it is to travel without the fear of high roaming charges. So, we launched free data roaming and Wi-Fi. Latin America, Europe and Japan are only the beginning. We will continuously add new countries to ensure our customers can use their device virtually wherever they travel,” said Sprint CEO Marcello Claure.


Sprint’s new free data roaming and Wi-Fi come with unlimited texting and data, and covers 15 countries (such as Japan, Russia, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, and others, but as Sprint CEO Claure said above, the company looks to increase its offerings over the next year. Calls are not included in the free offering, but, should you need to make them, be prepared to pay 20 cents a minute ($12 per hour).

Sprint has tried to form a merger with T-Mobile in days past (a merger that didn’t happen), and there were hopes that the company’s merger would give it signs of life. Sprint was once third in terms of the top national carriers, but the company has fallen behind T-Mobile in terms of its offerings and 4G LTE speeds. Although Sprint has improved its offering with the company’s latest Spark data, it will now have to improve its image in the eyes of customers who have left the company for T-Mobie, Verizon, and AT&T.


The new international data roaming and Wi-Fi is bundled by Sprint into the Unlimited Plus Plan, and new and existing customers can take advantage of the company’s new wireless plan. The Sprint and T-Mobile merger didn’t happen, but Sprint is slowly (but surely) emerging out of the dark ages of the company’s history. 2015 may prove to be yet another competitive year for the wireless industry.