Takata airbag issue expands as Toyota recalls 190000 cars, world wide 117M cars effected

According to a recent announcement made by Toyota Motor Corporation, the automaker is all set to recall around 190,000 cars manufactured by it globally. The majority of these recalls, however, will take place in Japan. The company has taken this decision for fixing the explosive Takata airbags embedded in the cars.

Each of these recalled vehicles was manufactured between September, 2002 and December, 2003.

A recent inspection of the cars revealed that they boast faulty passenger side airbag inflators built by automotive parts maker Takata Corporation, which is also a Japanese firm. To be more precise, the passenger side airbags of the recalled Toyota cars were found to be at risk of getting ruptured and spurting shrapnel. All these facts were revealed by the Japanese automaker in a statement emailed to the media on Thursday.


Seeing the results of the inspections done on Toyota cars, the transport ministry of Japan has ordered other vehicle manufacturers to carry out inspections in order to make sure that their vehicles do not contain Takata passenger-side airbags manufactured during the same period. So, we might see more automakers recalling their cars following this move by Toyota.

Around 185,000 of the recalled vehicles are in Japan, and the remaining 5,000 are in China. The recalled cars include certain units of one of the most celebrated vehicle model of Toyota, the Corolla.


The company has not yet identified the exact problem in the airbags of the recalled vehicles and has not even received any report of accident or injuries. Toyota said that they are going forward with the recall just as a precautionary measure. The automaker will be replacing airbag inflators of all recalled cars, and if the market still doesn’t have replacement parts, the dealer will solve the problem by temporarily disabling the cars’ passenger side airbag.


Takata airbag issues have forced as many as 11 automakers including big names like Chrysler, Honda Motor Company and Toyota to recall nearly 117 million cars globally in the past six years. Problems in Takata airbags has resulted in a minimum of five deaths during these six years. The Japanese company is part of such a mess in spite of being one of the two leading names in the automotive safety parts industry.