Takata to work with NHTSA and Automakers in global airbag recall

Takata took to print publication here in the United States to fully accept responsibility, and pledge full cooperation with the ongoing investigations into the failures by the company that have led to five deaths around the world, and more than 20 million vehicles being recalled globally. The move includes 10 automakers that have recalled vehicles in the United States alone, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Today Ford added 447,000 vehicles that were equipped with the faulty air bags, and only fuels the overall issue more. Even as Takata seemed to take a proactive stance, stating in the ad “Takata will work with (NHTSA) and the automakers to increase the production capacity for replacement air bags to support all safety campaigns or further recalls announced by the automakers. We are building on existing efforts, led by our most senior engineers, to address any and all safety issues, but we recognize more must be done now.”


Takata went on to point out that they would be ensuring that future work that is done by the company is executed to the fullest, and that testing is significantly improved to ensure that the future work holds up to long term standards. Ultimately, this is the one area where automakers wanted more accountability from the company. Originally, Takata took a very defensive stance on the issue and their unwillingness to see the issues that were at stake were some of the greatest points of contention for the auto industry.


Takata went on to say “We believe that the industry can achieve greater results by sharing information and putting its collective efforts behind the same objective third-party testing program.” This is where many have viewed the biggest opportunity for the manufacturers that design and build parts that ultimately go into vehicles that are produced by the automakers that everyone knows by name. The nameless suppliers are the ones who actually produce the parts that ultimately go into the vehicles that are found on the road today, and this is where the opportunity exists to see that we produce better vehicles across the globe.


That being said, it’s clear already that some automakers are going to shy away from Takata entirely now that the company has been through such a polarizing recall event. This during a year that was recall-centric from start to finish. First, with GM’s continued crisis when it came to recalls. Companies like Autoliv and TRW Automotive are sure to see more business though as Japanese Takata continues to fail.