“Technically, A New Elder Scrolls Game Just Launched: Here’s What You Need to Know”

In a surprising move, Bethesda Game Studios has unveiled a new addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise, available now for Android users. Titled “The Elder Scrolls: Castles,” this game appears to draw inspiration from Bethesda’s previous mobile hit, “Fallout Shelter,” but is set in the rich medieval fantasy world of Nirn.

Key Highlights:

  • “The Elder Scrolls: Castles” is now accessible via the Google Play Store.
  • The game is described as a simulation where players manage and customize a castle, make crucial kingdom decisions, and embark on epic quests.
  • Imagery from the game showcases armored soldiers combating dragons and Argonian and Khajiit royalty overseeing their realms.
  • The game is currently in early access.
  • Bethesda has previously ventured into mobile gaming with “The Elder Scrolls: Blades.”

Diving deeper into the game’s details, “The Elder Scrolls: Castles” offers players a unique simulation experience. Players are tasked with managing, customizing, and staffing their castle. They must also govern their kingdom, making challenging decisions that will shape its future. Furthermore, players can embark on grand quests, creating heroes to face off against iconic Elder Scrolls adversaries.

A Glimpse into The Elder Scrolls:

Castles The game’s visuals depict intense battles between armored soldiers and fearsome dragons. Additionally, players can witness royalty from the Argonian and Khajiit races managing their vast kingdoms. The game’s description on the Google Play Store emphasizes its early access status, suggesting that players can anticipate further developments and refinements in the future.

One particular screenshot of “The Elder Scrolls: Castles” is reminiscent of the vault management system in “Fallout Shelter.” This free-to-play Fallout spinoff, initially launched for mobile platforms in 2015, was a significant success for Bethesda.

Behind the Scenes Interestingly, a trio of undisclosed mobile titles from Bethesda Softworks was recently revealed due to a document leak from the FTC v. Microsoft trial. These projects, codenamed Project Ubu, Project Wanderer, and Project Whirlwind, might have a connection to “The Elder Scrolls: Castles.” Given the significance of “whirlwind” in the Elder Scrolls series, it’s plausible that “Castles” could be linked to one of these codenames.

Looking Ahead While “The Elder Scrolls: Castles” is currently exclusive to Android, history suggests it might eventually find its way to other platforms. For instance, “Fallout Shelter” was initially an iOS exclusive but later expanded to Android, Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.


 “The Elder Scrolls: Castles” marks Bethesda’s renewed foray into the mobile gaming sphere. Drawing parallels with “Fallout Shelter,” this new game offers a fresh perspective on the Elder Scrolls universe. As fans eagerly await more information and updates, one thing is clear: the world of Nirn just got a little more expansive.

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