Tesla Model X SUV luxurious car is insanely superb

Tesla Motor’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) latest reveal Model X SUV is apparently a car from the future, and while bragging about the car’s technology, the chief Elon Musk stated that Tesla shouldn’t have built this car for the year 2015. The company is having a little trouble in getting the parts, otherwise, this luxury electric car is something every driver should get their hands on.

It starts with the panoramic view in the car that makes the driver and side seaters feel as if they are not in enclosed box but more close to the environment they are travelling from. Some of the cars have already been delivered to the VIP customers, and Elon Musk mentioned that Model X SUV is one of a kind.


The design cues and internals are much familiar to that of Model S. However, there is a whole new technology that Tesla has added in this car.

One of the most noticeable features is the ‘bioweapon defense mode’ that provides hospital level air filter in the car. Apparently, it was a direct hit at the Volkswagen when Elon Musk said that this new feature is going to help you breath in the fresh air in situations when stuck behind a Volkswagen car. The car features world-class security technology with the falcon-wing back doors and incredible performance. They have been equipped with sensors in such a way that the back seat doors aren’t going to bump in other cars when opening.

The iconic ludicrous mode is also present in the Model X SUV that makes it hit  0-60 in just 3.2 seconds, and it’s fast, super fast. The P90D model features 90W battery and dual motors driving the wheels to attain a crazy fast speed. Theoretically, it can travel up to a distance of 250 miles on that mode, however, real world testing is yet to be done before any exact figures can be obtained.

However, all these fantastic features are coming for a price that starts at $130,000. Tesla Model X SUV that is capable of carrying 5000 lbs, and the company says that it will take them 8 to 10 months to fulfill the order of 25,000 cars. The technology company used and the cars isn’t available easily and there are no mass producers of such parts. As mentioned earlier, Tesla will now be struggling to get the parts for the automobile it has developed.

Tesla is slowly getting more and more investors, and hopefully the future releases are going to offer much more technically advanced cars at a price point where everyone can afford it.