Tesla Motors certified pre-owned program is ON with Model S

It seems you’ll be able to get your hands on Tesla electric cars which were rather out of range for many of us, considering the starting price of $76,200. However, things are about to change, as you can get your hands on a pre-owned Tesla Model S from the company’s newly announced online market place.

The company subtly launched the Tesla Motors Certified Pre-Owned program last week, listing a plethora of the beloved Model S’s for sale. At the time of writing, users can search for pre-owned Tesla vehicles in 9 American cities and two states which include Atlanta, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Cleveland, Seattle, Washington DC, Florida and Hawaii.

With the increasing amount of new models in the market, Tesla is banking upon the concept of used car sales across the U.S. Moreover, previous owners would obviously want to trade in for an upgrade, leaving the company with thousands of cars to dispose off.


Pricing of these used Tesla models will largely depend on model, age and mileage. However, every Model S will come with a Tesla 4 year warranty, or 50,000 miles whichever comes first. These vehicles will be supplied directly by the company after getting a maintenance check, while customers can also request a home delivery of these vehicles if interested rather than going to pick them up.

A quick glance of the pre-owned Model S page lists prices ranging from $61,000 right up to $85,000, which is no way cheap, though if you’re craving to get your hands on this fancy toy, at one can save a few thousand dollars to have their very own Tesla. Moreover the fact that the model is 3 years old now, prices are likely to come down in the near future.


Meanwhile, in other related news Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced ‘Tesla Energy,’ to power homes with a new design of batteries called the ‘Powerwall,’ aiming at reducing consumer dependence on the grid. Powerwall is a stationary battery that can power an entire household without having to depend on the grid. It would be a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which uses Tesla’s existing battery technology.

The move could certainly result in a large scale use of sustainable energy sources, moreover the fact it’ll make life more convenient as one can always have their own source of energy at their disposal, without having to depend on external factors.