Tesla Motors Inc. CEO Musk makes a series of announcements on Christmas

Tesla’s sports car, Roadster, will reportedly have double the range of its predecessor, as promised by CEO Musk on Christmas. He also announced major battery upgrades to Model S sedan’s higher version P85D.

Upgrading the Roadster

Tesla was originally planning to make the announcement on Christmas but for some reasons, it was delayed. CEO Musk then promised to announce the details latest by December 26. According to business insider, the reasons Musk referred to as “critical issues,” which caused a delay in the announcement, could be related to the SpaceX Falcon rocket incident. However, he said that the latest version of Roadster will have a range of almost twice its predecessor.


The previous version of the vehicle was launched in 2008 and in 2012 the company had stopped manufacturing the car for unsaid reasons. It had an EPA range of as much as 244 miles on a single charge. Reportedly, the new version will have an EPA range of almost 400 miles on the same charge. The news confirms earlier speculations that the company will launch an enhanced version to outdo its original EV model.

The Battery Swap Feature

The battery upgrade feature of the Model S is expected to be in the market as early as this week and will allow users to switch to an upgraded battery version. Last year, Musk had pointed out that the process required lesser time than filling up the gas tank. The company claims that the entire procedure will be completed in 90 seconds.


Apart from the announcements pointed out above, Tesla has few more updates for its customers. On Twitter, Musk announced that the 691 hp screamer will now be brought in range with the P85+. He commented that its range performance would be boosted to be somewhere around 5% lesser than the 85D.