Tesla’s Roadster up for renovation due to flaws

After a few years, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk admitted that the Roadster needs revamping for its certain flaws.

Musk disclosed during an interview with Auto Express, a British automotive magazine that the Roadster’s design had so mistakes that need renovation. Tesla has put a lot of efforts to be considered a threat in the marketplace for electric cars through the Roadster.

The automaker made history back in 2011 by producing the Tesla Roadster as the first electric car on sale to “combine the performance of a sports car with a range in excess of 200 miles per charge.” The Roadsters made then were 2,600 all in all due to the limited-edition agreement Tesla had with Lotus, UK sports car manufacturer.
Now, Tesla is reviving its Roadster by changing its old battery with a new one. According to Musk, the new battery would boost the Roadster’s performance.

The said battery would most likely allow its drivers to go further between charges. Originally, the Roadster ranges at 245 miles, which is expected to become 400 miles with a new battery, added Musk.


The range will not be the only change happening, if the Roadster’s battery will be replaced, it will have an impact on the environmental factors and other whatnots, as well.


For now, Tesla Motors has not confirmed anything regarding the timetable or pricing. Also, no word yet has been released as to the affirmation of the replacement of the Roadster’s battery.