The difference between Monophasic and Polyphasic Sleep

Conventional wisdom holds that we should sleep around seven to eight hours a night. But is that the case for all of us? Some people seem to cope with eight hours, while others find that three or four hours are more than enough. And that’s just the people who believe in monophasic sleep.

Monophasic sleep means that you get all your sleep in one batch. And while this is generally acknowledged as being best for our body because it allows you to move through all the sleep cycles, it’s not the only theory out there.

The Uberman sleep cycle, for example, is entirely different. It consists of several short naps throughout the day. You’ll typically sleep for about 20 minutes at a time. Proponents of the system say that it’s a way to stay refreshed and make the most out of every single day.

Nikola Tesla and Buckminster Fuller were said to prefer the polyphasic sleep cycle. In other words, they had several naps a day.

Which is better? You’d have to decide for yourself. As you’ll see when you read through the infographic posted below, the matter is not set. Some of the most famous people in history, like Thomas Edison, also followed a polyphasic sleep pattern.

Other famous people, like Arianna Huffington, choose a monophasic sleep pattern. Huffington has a set bedtime routine which includes having a warm bath and changing into her sleeping clothes.

If you’d like some more dirt on the sleeping habits of celebs, do check out the infographic. And when you’re finished there, don’t forget to let us know how your sleeping habits measure up. Do you need a full eight hours a night, or can you get by on less?

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