The new 2017 Audi R8–Turbo beast unleashed

The German automaker, Audi AG has recently unveiled its new supercar, the R8 Plus. The beast is ready to storm the roads with its all new, naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine. It is capable of making the max power of 610 horsepower, and 560 Nm peak torque. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds, which is insanely quick.

The regular R8 makes 540 horsepower compared to the 610 horsepower of R8 plus and it lags by 0.3 seconds in 0 – 60 mph run, redlining at 8,500 rpm. While regular R8 is electronically limited to 200 mph, the R8 plus goes up to 205 mph. Although these differences are very minor, they are felt on the track according to the test drivers.

“Motorsport is in Audi’s DNA, it is part of the brand’s character,” said Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Head, Audi’s technical development. He continued, “No other model of ours evokes more dynamic emotion; none is closer to a race car.”

The car shares some of its parts with the one that won Le Mans, being designed by the same team that worked on the Le Mans car. This is one of the first things felt while driving the car.
The new R8 is a driver focused car, and it feels best inside the newly redesigned cabin. The R8 Plus comes standard with a performance leather steering wheel, which is optional for the regular version. Not only it steers the car, but adds up to the features with dedicated controls for core driving features. Useful features like ignition button, drive mode selection, multifunction keys and scrollers for navigating through menus are all strategically placed on the steering wheel grip.

Audi has been surprising in aspects of taming the beast as well. The usual R8 does just as good in city driving, as it does on the track. Depending on the driver’s need, it can behave well at low speeds, as well as giving unmatched adrenaline boost as soon as the pedal touches the metal.

The car features the LaserSpot high-beam lamps, which were first introduced in 2014 on the R8 LMX. These lights illuminate the road enough and make for easy cornering at nights. Talking about cornering, the Quattro all-wheel drive in the 2017 version performs excellently on the tracks, improving slight understeer that was present in the earlier version of R8. With new technology, the 2017 R8 can temporarily become a front-wheel drive to overcome the understeer in the car.

The new R8 will arrive at the dealers next spring in the United States, with the base model retailing at $180 thousand, and $205 thousand for the Plus version.